Gambling responsibly will help ensure you have an enjoyable
entertainment experience.
Please consider the following PlaySafe advice:

  • Set a time & money limit before your visit
  • Visit the Casino with family or friends
  • Balance your time at the Casino with other social and
    recreational activities
  • If drinking alcohol, do so responsibly
  • Take regular breaks from gambling during your visit
  • Talk to our employees – we’re always happy to help

Keep your gambling in perspective, like most forms of entertainment,
it costs money.


Most adults gamble safely and enjoy the entertainment experience,
however some people can have difficulty with their gambling and may
experience problems as a result. If you or someone you know is
demonstrating any of the following behaviours, there may be
cause for concern:

  • Spending beyond their limits
  • Trying to win back money lost
  • Becoming emotional or distressed
  • Feeling tired or sleepy
  • Repeatedly withdrawing cash
  • Gambling to avoid other problems
  • Missing appointments
  • No longer gambling for entertainment
  • Borrowing money to gamble
  • Committing an illegal act to finance gambling

Christchurch Casino has a Host Responsibility team dedicated to
assisting those experiencing difficulties with gambling. All enquiries and
requests are treated very confidentially.

For information and assistance, contact us on:
Phone: (03) 371 2421
Email: PlaySafeDrinkSafe@christchurchcasino.co.nz


Our gaming machines allow you to set time and/or money spent limits by
day, week, or month.

For more information about setting limits on our Gaming Machines, see our
Guide to using our Gaming Machines Limits System.