At Christchurch Casino we are focused on embedding sustainability into all aspects of our business practices from our day-to-day operations to our long-term strategies. We recognise and acknowledge the importance of sustainability not just within our business but for our broader community as well.

Christchurch Casino is a Carbon Conscious organisation. This certification is the first step in moving towards a Zero Carbon future, it means that we are measuring and understanding what our emissions profile is across all of our business activities and working on the development of strategies for effective emission reduction.

Our statement of intent:

Reduce Emissions: Our organisation intends to reduce emissions aligned to our reduction plan established for certification.

Meeting Social Expectation: From our community, employees, and customers to consider and implement carbon reduction initiatives where practical.

Inform Management and Operational Decisions: Our organisation should reduce emissions and to do this, we need the inventory to inform our short and long-term operational decisions.

Save Money: Saving money through emissions reductions would be preferable but is not essential to our objectives.

Contribute to Brand Value: We will consider opportunities for incorporating our emissions management into our product attributes; however, the focus is on our overall organisation wide impacts.

Below are some examples showing our commitment to becoming a more sustainable business.

  • Reducing renewable electricity usage or offsetting the balance of non-renewable supply.
  • Measurement and management of waste and wastewater processes.
  • Using FSC certified paper straws and biodegradable takeaway containers.
  • Stocking PEFC certified restroom paper products.
  • Using environmentally safe cleaning products such as Stabilised Aqueous Ozone Solution.
  • Replacing lights to be 100% LED.
  • Reducing paper usage and waste.
  • Minimising water wastage through having timed water taps in customer restrooms.
  • Providing employees access to a recycling centre for soft plastics, batteries, and mobile phones.
  • Supporting local charitable organisations through the Christchurch Casinos Charitable Community Trust, directly from Christchurch Casino, facilitating employee payroll giving and supporting employee fundraising initiatives.