The pressure is on! Can you ‘Stop the Clock’ in time?

With a jackpot that starts at $1,000 cash and ticks up $250 each time it’s not won, you’ll want to make sure you’re here every Friday night in April for your chance to win with ‘Stop the Clock!’.

Will an appealing cash prize tempt you, or will you have your sights on the jackpot prize?

The longer you wait, the higher the cash prize climbs. But here’s the catch: the clock can unexpectedly stop ticking at any moment during each turn. You’ll need to hit the button before the clock stops itself, or you’ll have to settle for a consolation prize!

Grab your free to enter wristband from 5.30pm and listen for your lucky number to be drawn at a random time during every half hour, 6pm till 11pm.

That’s 10 draws and 10 chances to win every Friday night!


The jackpot is currently: