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With several games and limits to choose from, there is a poker game for everybody.

The aim of the game is for one Player to beat all other Players and win the combined
wagers or pot, by using their best five card Poker hand.  This is achieved by showing
either the highest ranking hand at showdown or by being the last person remaining
in the hand due to all other players folding. Remember: in the Poker games played at
Christchurch Casino, the Ace may be the highest or lowest card in the deck for the
purpose of forming a straight.

Hold’em and Omaha are the main variations offered at Christchurch Casino.  A hand in one
of these games consists of an initial deal, community cards and four possible betting rounds.
Players bet against each other’s hands.  A Player may choose to withdraw from any round
of play in Poker if they don’t think their cards are good enough – this is know as ‘folding’.
By doing so you need not contribute further to the pot but instead forfeit all claims to the pot.

When you play Poker at Christchurch Casino, the role of the casino is simply one of host.
We provide a Dealer, the necessary equipment and a safe, controlled environment. In return
for these services, the casino takes a small amount from the pot at the end of each round of
play or during the course of the hand.  Alternatively, we may charge a set fee which is
collected at set times.

To reserve a seat in a Poker game, simply advise the Poker Supervisor of your desire
to join a game.


Players are dealt two cards face down, the initial deal; the first round of betting takes place.
The first three community cards, the ‘Flop’, are then opened simultaneously; the second
round of betting takes place. The fourth community card, the ‘Turn’ is then dealt; the third
betting round takes place.  The fifth community card, the ‘River’ is then dealt; the fourth and
last betting round takes place.  Once all the betting has finished we have the ‘Showdown’,
the winner is the Player with the highest ranking five card Poker hand using a combination
of any of the seven cards dealt.


Omaha is played the same way as Hold’em except players are dealt four cards face down
during the initial deal.  At the showdown, the winner is the player with the highest ranking five
card Poker hand using a combination of any two of their four hole cards with any three from
the five community cards.

NO LIMIT The largest amount you can bet or raise is the total amount of chips you have
in your ‘chip stack’.

POT LIMIT The largest amount you can bet or raise is the amount that is in the pot.

STRUCTURED ——– The amount you can bet or raise is fixed for each round of betting.  E.g. if
you were playing a $2/$4 fixed game you could only bet or raise $2 in the first
two betting rounds and $4 in the second two betting rounds. Only 3 raises are
allowed per betting round.


The descending order of poker hand values for a 52 card deck is:













ANTE A predetermined contribution to the pot by all players before any cards are
dealt in a hand.

BET A player’s wager.

BETTING ROUND    A complete cycle from the first person to act to the last person to act.

BLIND A compulsory bet placed before the first card is dealt.  Most games have a small
and a big blind for each hand.  The blinds are live bets.  The big blind can win the
pot if it is not called or raised.

CALL Placing a bet equal to the highest legal bet in that round or going all-in if remaining
chips are less than the size of that bet.

CHECK Not initiating a bet or surrendering a hand, but retaining all rights to act in the event
a bet is made.  A check shall only be an option if no blind is placed or bet made.

CHIP STACK The entire amount of chips a player has on the table is called their ‘Chip Stack’.

CHECK-RAISE Initially checking in a betting round and then raising a bet that is subsequently made.

COMMUNITY Cards dealt face upward which can be used by all players to complete their best
possible hand.

DEALER BUTTON     An object on the table which designates the dealer or last to act in a round. The
button is moved one position in a clockwise rotation at the conclusion of each hand.

FOLD To surrender a hand or refuse to call a bet.

HOLE CARDS A player’s concealed cards.

POT The total amount of wagers made in a hand.

RAISE A bet within the table limits that is an implicit call plus an amount in excess of the
previous bet or raise by at least as large an amount.

SHOWDOWN The revealing of each player’s hand still legally in contention for the pot after the
completion of all betting to determine the winner of the pot.

WAGER An action by which a player places gaming chips into the pot on any betting round.


As with any of our table games, if you are not sure, just ask one of our friendly
gaming staff for assistance.


Christchurch Casino is committed to responsible gambling. To ensure you have an enjoyable and
entertaining experience we encourage you to play only at levels you can afford.

Problem Gambling Hotline 0800 654 655