2021 New Zealand Poker Championships

Updated Tournament dates below:


23th February – $1650 (1500 + 150) Canterbury Championships –  25K Chips Freeze-out – Start time 12:30PM Blind Schedule

24th February $3000 Main Event Day 1A –  (2800+200) buy in – 35k Chips – Repêchage- Start time 12:30PM Blind Schedule

25th February – $2000 South Island Championships (1800+200) buy in – 30k Chips – 1 Re-entry allowed – Start time 12:30PM Blind Schedule

26th February $3000 Main Event Day 1B –  (2800+200) buy in – 35k Chips – Freeze-out – Start time 12:30PM Blind Schedule

27th February $1100 Big Bounty  (1000+100) buy in – 25k Chips – 1 Re-entry allowed – Start time 12:30PM Blind Schedule

27th February – Main Event Day 2 – 12:30 Blind Schedule

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You may only buy one seat per tournament per person. Any additional seats sold per event will be refunded. Thank you for understanding.


We have 8 tables for the 2021 New Zealand Poker Championships. All tournaments run 9 players max per table. It is advised you buy your seats promptly.

Main Event info – Day 1A is a Repêchage. This means should you bust out of Day 1A, you can not re-enter into that day. You may buy back into Day 1B should you wish assuming we have seats available. If you buy into day 1A you CANNOT buy into day 1B as well (unless busted). Should you do this, the ticket will be refunded. 10 levels will be played on Day 1A. Should you finish Day 1A we will count chips and re assign seats for Day 2. If you wish to forfeit your stack and retry day 1B then this is permitted. If you finish the 10 levels for day 1A you may not play day 1B.

Day 1B – This is a Freezeout event. 10 levels to be played. All players from day 1A and 1B that survive the first 10 levels will return to play Day 2 on Sunday the 29th. Seats will be randomly drawn at the conclusion of each day. The stacks you finish with are carried through into day 2. Stack sizes are kept within our system and stacks will be remade out on the day. We will endeavour to make sure the stack sizes are correct. However, we encourage you to arrive early and check that your stack size is correct. Should you stack size be incorrect a tournament director will recount and fix the stack. This must be done prior to tournament restart. Once the clock begins, no changes to stacks will be made.

Please Note: While we try to plan and finish tournaments on the day, this is not always the case. Should any tournament fail to finish we will attempt to conclude them on Monday 28th February from 12:30pm. Should multiple tournaments be required we will run these at the same time unless there is a player in multiple events. Should that be the case, the Main Event will be played first, followed by the South Island, Canterbury Championships and the Big Bounty. Should a player be unable or unwilling to play on the Monday, their chip stack will be removed and paid out (if applicable) in the current last position. Christchurch Casino will not be initiating an ICM chop for any tournament. Players are free to make deals, however Christchurch Casino will not be involved.

Seat Sales: Seats sales will be online only – 17th January – 14:30. If you are unable to purchase online please contact [email protected]

ID Requirements – Please note to play in any NZPC event you will need to be a minimum of Bronze card membership at Christchurch Casino. This will require at least one valid form of ID if you are using a Passport or Firearms License or 2 forms of ID if you are using Drivers licence or Kiwi Access card (the second ID must be a Bank Card embossed with your Name).

For any buy-ins + winnings over $6000, we will require proof of Address, this must be within the last 6 months. Acceptable forms of Address Verification – Utility bill, Bank statement, Credit card statement, Government issued document. Until these are received no winnings will be paid out. 

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