$5K Buzzer Beater

Get set for the Christchurch Casino $5K Buzzer Beater!
If you’re heading to the Breakers vs 36ers on the 30th of November, you could have a shot at winning up to $5,000.
Drop by the Casino kiosk before the game to enter into the draw, and if you’re chosen you will be able to shoot hoops for cash.

You’ll have 24 seconds to work your way up the prize ladder, with as many shots as you can take before the buzzer goes off.

Layup = $250
Free Throw = $500
3 Pointer = $1,000
Half-Court = $5,000

Successfully work your way up to the half-courter and if it goes in, you’ll walk away with $5,000 cash!

Must make the shot before you can advance to the next. Terms and conditions apply. R20. Anyone Excluded, Trespassed or otherwise banned from Christchurch Casino is not eligible to participate

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